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CT Scanner


Specification of Precision 32 Computed Tomograph System MSLCTX10:

Slip ring  Germany low-voltage slip ring
Aperture Size  715±5mm
Tilt Angulation Range  -30° ~ +30°
Scan localizer  Positioning laser
Slice Thickness  2x1.1mm 8x0.55mm 16x0.55mm 16x1.1mm
Scan time (s/360°)  0.72s, 0.8s, 1.0s, 1.5s, 2.0s
Maximum FOV (Field of View) 500mm
Detector Type  GOS ceramic solid detector
Detector Number  888x24
Detector Row  24
Detector channel per row  888
X-ray Tube






Features of 64 Precision Multi-slice spiral CT scanner MSLCTX08:

AccuDose-Comprehensive low dose imaging
AccuScan-Enjoy ease
Space saving and cost saving in maintennace
Ahead-Head dual-energy head imaging technology
AccuTilt dual-mode gantry tilt technology
AccuOrgan-Targeted organ imaging
Admir iterative reconstruction technology
Specification of 64 Precision Multi-slice spiral CT scanner MSLCTX08
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Features of 64 Slice Helical CT Scanner MSLCTX03:

Intelligent mA tracking technology
Parallel 3D cone beam reconstruction technology
iDream tensor iteration low-dose technology
76 cm aperture design
Mature and stable large heat capacity tube
Dynamic reconstruction convolution technology based on FOV

Specification of 64 Slice Helical CT Scanner MSLCTX03
Refer to the table below.

Configuration of 32 SliceHelical CT scanner MSLCTX03






Philips Gemini TF64 &16 Slice PET Scan Machine


Product Description

Product Details:
The Philips Gemini TF Big Bore is optimized for diagnostic imaging and radiation oncology to provide enhanced patient care throughout the oncology care cycle.

Gemini TF Big Bore is our first PET/CT system designed to: 

  • Provide exceptional Time of Flight PET image quality and applications coverage while meeting stringent standards for radiation oncology
  • Deliver the accuracy and workflow optimization demanded by radiation oncology applications  
  • Combine Brilliance CT Big Bore capabilities with premium PET performance 
  • Simplify oncology care processes, remove complexities, and improve accuracy throughout the oncology care cycle .




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