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Specialties of Liberty Dental Clinic Dubai
Root canal treatment.
Restorative dentistry
Pediatric dentistry
Cosmetic dentistry
Gum disease treatment
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Liberty Clinic Services
Liberty Dental Clinic Dubai in Dubai offers many services, including dental fillings, dental implants, orthodontics, Hollywood smile installation, veneers and luminaires, in addition to wisdom tooth implantation, teeth whitening, laser teeth whitening, in addition to dental implants. Among the most famous doctors of the clinic: Dr. Majd Naji, who is Chairman of the Board of Directors of Liberty Medical Group.

The cost of a Hollywood smile at Liberty Clinic
The cost of a Hollywood smile at Liberty Clinic depends on many factors, as medical procedures differ from one patient to another, but it can be said that the prices of the Hollywood Dental Clinic in Dubai for a Hollywood smile start from 3000 AED.

Cost of Dental Implants at Liberty Clinic
The cost of dental implants at Liberty Clinic Dubai ranges from 5 thousand dirhams to 10 thousand dirhams per tooth, and varies depending on the many medical procedures that can be taken, such as the tools and techniques used in implants and the number of implanted teeth.

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    Liberty Dental Clinic Dubai
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    I was very happy after dealing with Leasders land I liked their commitment to giving their best I am impressed with the speed of supplying what I need in record time I've never seen anything like this before, actually

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